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Buildings in Europe

About Us 

Learn what Eurotravels by Design can do for you and what sets us apart from the rest.

Peles Castle, Romania

Our 5-Step Process

When you hire us for a custom itinerary, we follow a 5-step travel planning process in order to create the European trip that is perfectly designed for you and your travel companions. This in-depth process is effective at providing the trip of your dreams by making sure nothing is forgotten or overlooked. It helps us make sure your trip is tailored to you and has everything you need for an unforgettable European adventure. 

European town

Comparison with Travel Agents

Travel agents are paid through commissions. We do not receive commissions. This makes it possible for us to customize your trip to your specific needs. We are not persuaded to recommend a hotel, tour, site, or restaurant by anything other than what will make the best trip for you. Our prices are totally transparent and there are no mark-ups or middle men. Our clients want the flexibility, expertise, and the customization we provide. 

European town

The Team 

Our team of qualified and dedicated experts have the knowledge and the passion to help you create your perfect European vacation. We use our hours of travel experience and research to take the time building your custom itinerary so you don't have to. We're here to answer your questions, share our advice, and of course, to create an experience just for you. 

“Traveling to Europe always seemed overwhelming to my wife and I but we had heard of others going and wanted to bite the bullet. Stefanie and Kyle at Eurotravels by Design helped us plan our first trip to Italy and it exceeded all of our expectations. 
The name.. By Design.. is very accurate. Instead of just giving ideas right away they start by asking thoughtful questions like: 
What is most important to you on a trip? Do you prefer scenery or history? Museums of culture? What pace do you like? 
This process allows you to really determine what your priorities are to make your travel as meaningful as possible." 

Matthew, AB

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