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European buildings

Our 5-Step Process

Walk through the steps we follow to build a perfectly customized itinerary, every time. 

When you hire us for a custom itinerary, we follow a 5-step travel planning process in order to create the European trip that is perfectly designed for you and your travel companions. This in-depth process is effective at providing the trip of your dreams by making sure nothing is forgotten or overlooked. It helps us make sure your trip is tailored to you and has everything you need for an unforgettable European adventure. 

The 5 Steps are: 


Overall Itinerary









Italian coast



As we begin the process, we will find out all about you. We will ask questions such as the number and ages of your travel group, how much time you have, what a perfect vacation day looks like to you, special interests you may have, must-see sites you want to visit, and your preferred pace. We will then create an overall itinerary that works for you. After your feedback we will make any changes needed and then finalize the itinerary. 

European beach


Once the overall itinerary is set we move on to accommodations. Again, we will ask your preferences. Details such as the type of hotel, budget, location, bed configuration, amenities, laundry, parking, etc. will be taken into consideration according to your preferences. We will put together a list of 3-5 accommodations that meet the requirements to present to you. Depending on the level of service you choose we will either leave the recommendations with you to book or, after you choose which one you want, we will book it for you. 

European town

& Guides

The same process will continue with activities/tours. We will ask you budget and preferences such as private tours or group tours, bike tours or walking tours, cooking class or art class, etc. After we send the recommendations to you we will either leave them with you to book or book them for you depending on level of service. 

Lake bled, Slovenia


Logistics will include things such as train rides, car rentals, bus routes, bike paths/routes, travel times, private drivers, etc. Once again we will discuss with you your budget and preferences and then plan accordingly. 

Cappadocia, Turkey

Food &

Once again, we will begin by asking questions such as restaurants you have heard of, allergies, budget, and interests. Then we will give recommendations and book reservations if needed. We will also provide suggestions for local foods to try. 

By the end of this process you will have a trip that is uniquely yours and includes everything you need for your trip of a lifetime! 

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