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Itinerary Packages 

Choose from our itinerary packages to receive the services and pricing levels that work best for you. 

Premium Plus 

Our premium plus service is for those travelers who want their overall itineraries planned, but want to research and book their own accommodations, transportation, and site tickets/tours. This level is perfect for people who want help deciding what cities and towns they should visit, how long to stay at each destination, what to see and do each day, and what the best spacing/timing is. At this level we will take into consideration all your preferences and create an itinerary that is especially designed for you. We will give overall suggestions for activities and food (ex. a segway tour this afternoon) but not recommend specific tours, hotels, or restaurants. After the itinerary is made, it will be up to you to research and book those. 

Price: $90.00 per travel day  

Image by David Pupăză

Business Class

Our business class service is perfect for those travelers who want our expertise to create a custom itinerary and want specific accommodation, activity, tour, and restaurant recommendations but want to book themselves. We will consider all your preferences as we create the perfect itinerary for your trip. While we don't book anything for our business class customers, we will provide specific recommendations for all activities, accommodations, and restaurants. For example, while considering all your preferences for accommodation we will give a list of 3-5 places that fill all the requirements. All that is left for you to do is decide between the options and then book it. 

Price: $130.00 per travel day

Vineyard in Europe

First Class

Our first class service is for those travelers who don't want to have to worry about anything. Along with everything our business class customers receive, we will book all your accommodations, logistics, tours/activities (one per day), and restaurants (one per day). 

Price: $175.00 per travel day  

Compare Itinerary Packages 

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London, England

We also offer hourly coaching for travel and credit card points!
Learn more on our hourly coaching page. 

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