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European buildings

The Team 

Meet the people behind the screen - and learn why we are qualified and passionate about helping you build your dream European vacation. 

Stefanie Lambert 

Stefanie first fell in love with Europe when she spent a semester in London during college. She has traveled to over 23 countries in Europe with a special love for Croatia. She loves learning about the cultures, architecture, food, and history of the area. One of her passions is finding picturesque towns and hidden gems that may not be known to everyone. Stefanie has loved helping others plan their trips and find their own passion for the beauties and wonders of Europe. 


Ellie Lambert 

Ellie grew up traveling with her parents and has come to share their love for Europe and for gaining fun and unique experiences in many different countries. She expanded this love in a new way by attending an art history centered study abroad in college, where she spent 6 weeks traveling through 8 European countries and hopping around to visit some of the best museums in the world. Through this trip and many others, Ellie has gathered a long list of cities, sites, views, and foods that she believes everyone should experience. She loves talking to others about travel and learning more about what is important to them. She devoted her college years to studying art and design, and she is excited to share her passions with travelers who are interested in discovering Europe's beauty.  

Kyle Lambert 

Kyle has a passion for everything European, spending hours researching where to go and what to see. Kyle has a special place in his heart for Eastern Europe, especially Poland. At 19, he moved there for two years learning the language and getting to know its rich history, beautiful sites, delicious food, and wonderful people. Since then, he has enjoyed traveling extensively through Europe and enjoying all it has to offer. He is excited to share all he has learned with others so they can have their dream European experience. Kyle is also an expert in earning and spending credit card travel points and wants to help you maximize your points. 

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