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The Best Day Trips and Excursions from Split, Croatia

Hvar fortress

The city of Split, Croatia is an absolute gem and an absolute must-visit on any Croatia itinerary. Located on what is called the Dalmatian coast, Split is a beautiful destination full of interesting sites such as the Unesco world heritage site of Diocletian's palace which makes up a large part of the city center. While the city itself has many wonderful things to see and do, it is also a great jumping off point for some amazing day trips. From the nearby islands in the Adriatic Sea to stunning national parks and characteristic towns, Split day trips have something for everyone. Here are some of the best places to visit on a day trip from Split. 

Klis fortress

Klis fortress

This medieval fortress is situated above the town of Klis, just outside of Split. Beginning as a small stronghold, Klis grew to be the seat and main residence of Croatian Kings as well as a large fortress in the Ottoman wars where is was under siege for more than two decades. Throughout its history it has been under Illyrian, Roman, Croatian, Ottoman, Venitian and Austrian rule. 

Klis fortress is just a 20 minute drive from Split. There is also a direct bus that runs from the Sukoisan stop in Split to the Kils Megdan stop. It cost 10EURO for entrance. 

Island of Brac

Brac Island

A short ferry ride from Split's port lands you on the gorgeous Dalmatian island of Brac, pronounced Brach, known for its striking beaches, small stone villages, and limestone quarries. The island's most famous destination is Zlatni Rat Beach near the town of Bol. Also known as the Golden Horn, this unique beach features a pointed beach that juts out into the crystal clear waters. Zlatni Rat is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Brac also has many nice towns and villages to explore. Both Bol and Supetar have beautiful promenades or Rivas along the coast that are a great place to spend some time shopping, eating or just relaxing. The highest point on the island is Vidova Gora and is the perfect place for some spectacular views of the island and the sea. There are also some quaint villages on Brac. Skrip, Splitska and Pucisca are some examples. 

Getting to Brac from Split is simple. There are multiple ferries a day heading to Brac. You can be dropped off at the town of Supetar or Bol. The ferries to Supetar can take cars if you have a car and want to drive around the island, are quite a bit cheaper and have more options throughout the day. Prices are around 7 EURO for a person and 35 EURO if you are taking a car. There are only a couple ferries a day to Bol and the price is around 20EURO. The ride takes about an hour, depending on where you are getting dropped off. 


Brac has a good public transportation system so if you want to reach other parts of the island it will not be a problem. Walk a couple minutes from the Supetar part to the main bus station in Supetar and you will be able to get buses to most of the places you want to go. Of course, there are organized, guided day tours as well if you are interested in those. 



Just a short drive up the Adriatic coast from Split is the beautifully preserved historic city of Trogir. Its old town is filled with a number of Romanesque churches, carved portals, and lovely squares. This town is actually of an island with a short bridge connecting it to the mainland. One highlights is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. Building began in the 13th century but wasn't completed until the 17th century. Opening hours vary throughout the year so check the website.  It cost around 3EURO to go in the church. Climbing the bell tower of the church is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Trogir. It cost around 2 or 3 EURO to climb and is really worth visiting. There are wonderful views of the main square and surrounding area. If you are scared of heights this climb may be a little difficult for you as the last part of the climb is steep with open stairs which are almost more like a ladder. There is a railing all the way though.  

Trogir fortress

Kamerlengo fortress is another stop as you are exploring Trogir. This fortress is a fortified castle built in the 15th century. It is usually open from 8:00am to 9:00pm and costs around 3EURO. It provides great views of the town and the water. During the summer it is often used for concerts. You can do Trogir as a half-day trip but if you want to just relax and take it slow spend the whole day here. 

To get to Trogir from Split it is an easy 30 minute drive. There are also direct buses that take an hour.

Ruins of Salona (Solin)

Ruins of Salona

The palace of Diocletian began to be inhabited by locals when the nearby Salona was ransacked. You can visit the ruins of this ancient city which lies just outside of Split. Salona was once a thriving city of 60,000 people and you can still see remnants of life in Roman city such as an amphitheater, forum and public baths

To get to the ruins it is a quick 15 minute drive. If you are taking public transportation catch bus route 1 from the main bus station. Buses leave around every 30 minutes on the weekdays and 60 minutes on the weekends. Cost is around 5EURO.

Hvar Island


Another amazing island to explore outside of Split is Hvar (pronounced Var). This is one of the most popular day trips, and for good reason. Hvar is known for its beautiful fields of lavender, ancient stone villages, and some of Croatia's most spectacular beaches. With its proximity to Split, Hvar makes an ideal and easily accessible day trip destination. The port town of Hvar is a great way to begin exploring this island. It has a pretty promenade along the harbor, cute streets and a lovely main square with the Renaissance cathedral of St. Stephen. Overlooking the harbor is Spanjola fortress . This is where you will get the most spectacular views of the area. Built in the 13th century the medieval fortress now houses a small museum. It is a little bit of a hike up there but it is definitely worth it. The walk itself is beautiful and the views of the town, the water, surrounding islands and the town walls are unforgettable. It cost 10 EURO to enter. 

There are many other towns on the island of Hvar worth a visit. The town of Stari Grad is a quaint and picturesque village with charming houses and streets. Vrboska is known as the little Venice of the island with a canal running through the center. Heading inland is also worth your time. Hvar is known for its lavender and you can find merchants selling everything lavender along the road. The best time to see the lavender fields in bloom is June and July but you can find lavender products all year round. Check out inland towns such a as Dol, Vrbanj and Vrisnik. Renting a scooter is a unique experience and our favorite way to explore Hvar. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore all the parts of this remarkable island. 

Lavender on Hvar

Hvar's top beaches are located along the southern shores just outside of Hvar Town. Follow the curvy coastal road towards hotspots like Milna and Zarace. But the most famous is Dubovica, a beautiful pebble beach sheltered by pine tree groves. Nearby are equally stunning stretches of shoreline in coves like Lučišća, Pokrvenik and Svih Svetih. Spend your afternoon swimming, sunbathing and beach-hopping along the southern shores.

Ferries depart regularly from Split's port to the main town of Hvar. This boat ride takes  around 1-2 hours depending on the type of vessel. High-speed catamarans get you there in around an hour, while car ferries are a bit slower. You can purchase tickets online in advance or at the port on the day of travel.

Surrounding Islands

Blue Grotto

There are many other Croatian islands off the coast of Split to explore including Vis, the Pakleni islands, Solta island and the blue cave or blue grotto. The best option for exploring these islands is an organized private tour or a guided tour. There are many different companies at the harbor in Split offering boat trips and tours to the different islands. This is going to be the easiest if you want to see multiple islands or if you want to travel to islands that aren't easily accessible by ferry. 

Other day trips from Split

I just want to quickly touch on a couple other day trips that are available from Split. I cover these in other posts so I won't go into them in great detail but they are close to Split so depending on how you structure your trip they could be day trips from Split.

Krka National Park


One of Croatia's most popular natural attractions, Krka National Park lies an hour's drive inland from Split. This lush park centers around the Krka River, which flows over a series of stunning natural beauty of and cascades, waterfalls and lakes. The most famous of the falls is Skradinski Buk which has a boardwalk area with multiple levels of waterfalls.  A boat tour offer up-close views of the waterfalls. There is also a beautiful monastery located on an island.

Plitvice Lakes National Park 


This is the country's largest national park. This would be a long day from Split at around 2.5 hours but it would be doable if you are determined.  Plitvice national park is a world-famous national park covering nearly 120 square miles of forested hills filled with turquoise travertine lakes linked by cascades and waterfalls. The best way to experience the full grandeur of the 16 linked lakes is by hiking the park's trails and boardwalk network. Electric boats can also shuttle you across the lakes. Plan on leaving Split very early to make the drive worth it.



Just an hour north of Split, Sibenik is a great option for a day trip. Sibenik's compact old town is a delight to wander and its 4 fortresses offer interesting history and beautiful views. 

Ready to explore day trips from Split? Contact us at and we will custom create your perfect trip.

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